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What a Child Knows
  The monster under the bed taunted her…
  “…I’m going to get you, and eat you all up!”
  It was a horrible monster. Its skin was all green and slimy, with a big head and not enough for all the sharp, black teeth.
  “I told my grandma about you.” The girl declared, as if the words would prove a shield against it.
  “Grown ups don’t believe eight year olds.” It chuckled in an awful sort of way that sounded thick and sticky and told the child “She can’t believe you, because grown ups can’t see me. They can’t believe in monsters under the bed.”
  For the most part, the little girl knew it was true.  Every time she brought grandma into her room, the monster wouldn’t be there.  And then grandma would shake her head so that even an eight year old understood she was annoyed and had had enough.
  “But I told my mommy too.” The little girl ment
:iconkagehahen:Kagehahen 2 15
The LightFlight by Kagehahen The LightFlight :iconkagehahen:Kagehahen 10 29
Mature content
The Shimmer in the Road :iconkagehahen:Kagehahen 3 6
Whores of Babblingon
The little boy of three years old,
bobbled like a cork in the water as he ran
and didn’t care when fingers nimbler than
rabid tongues
made him giggle with pleasure,
until a dagger sliced, even at the root;
“Boy, cover your shame!”
Years later,
where he buries his shame becomes
a red bloom of self and
several faculty members who said
“Johnny was always such a good boy.”
Bad upbringing, because the morality
is never wrong…
We bear, round the mysticisms of our
own desires, the burdens of our taboos,
those unwanted creations of belief gone
too fertile and permitted because mental
pro-lifery of such a sort
is considered a divine gift
by the ones who use it like a choker
we wear too willingly,
for the sake of a piece
of mind.
They go on and on and the words
are meaningless, out of context
with the bigger picture we’re not allowed
to step back and see painted
on our bodies like tongues of red and
purple fire more brilliant that the gray word
:iconkagehahen:Kagehahen 6 13
Second Sheet to the Left
He had no idea how he got there short of getting tied up in Kenthalye’s bed linen.
She wouldn’t have forgotten he was there and throw him into the laundry, would she?  As a human, she had her ‘unenlightened’ moments – slips in memory – and moments of plain maliciousness…
“…She SAID she wanted to regulate her sleeping time,” Red Alert reminded himself primly, fighting his way through layers of endless white – well – not completely white.  And he realized they had odd odors to them.  And – there were Disney prints – and – he squealed.
“PLEASE let those be chocolate stains.”
“No worries, bot.  Girl sneaks ‘em all the time.  She keeps it up though, she’s gonna wind up here with US pretty soon.”
“Girl? Chocolate? OLD chocolate?”
“Drool more like.  Pops candy in, drools it out at night; ‘s why the boss lady washes ‘em at least once a we
:iconkagehahen:Kagehahen 5 7
Not in my gender II by Kagehahen
Mature content
Not in my gender II :iconkagehahen:Kagehahen 3 7
Not in my gender you don't...PT I by Kagehahen Not in my gender you don't...PT I :iconkagehahen:Kagehahen 5 14
Mature content
A Softer Sort of Courage :iconkagehahen:Kagehahen 1 3
Mature content
Quick Disconnects :iconkagehahen:Kagehahen 2 14
Mature content
Giving a Handle on Things :iconkagehahen:Kagehahen 1 11
Best Seller
There was hardly any genius in my detritus,
prettily dressed out of the black moods
and rabid highs from the froth
of chemical means,
or the ease in which they broke me
down into a common experience.
Where was the singularity
in over 1 million copies sold?
I'll never be bargain basement,
I won't live that long.
I'll buy it in the
high strung noose of my angst driven,
much-envied talent.
They'll sing my praises
to the pendulum rhythm they make of me
in the direction of mediocrity
of becoming a house hold name...
:iconkagehahen:Kagehahen 6 11


by ArchonW

You did an excellent job of portraying a twisted Tinker Bell while still keeping her looking like her fairy self. She is both coy and d...

I feel you did an excellent job on this work. This is all a good example of less is more. The woman's face is detailed with soft shadin...

by Nieris

I think you did a great job with the play of sunlight - particularly with it pooling by her feet on the floor. The affect is very succe...

by Nieris

I'm going to critique this from the stand point of your goal of doing 365 days. And for that kind of sketch, for the time, you did a go...



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What is Exceptional

Mon Jul 31, 2017, 7:07 AM

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My kids asked me this - what is exceptional - what is being exceptional - because of something William Shatner said about SJWs and the like.  They heard someone say that when everyone is exceptional, no one will be.  That is not true of course.

No one is born exceptional.  You are not born exceptional because you're born a man or a woman or white or a person of color.  You aren't born exceptional if you are born rich.  These factors do not make you exceptional and should not.

What makes you exceptional is what you do to distinguish yourself.

White boy Trump is not exceptional because he is rich and white and a male.

Tammy Duckworth- as a woman - is not exceptional - Lt. Col Duckworth is exceptional.   She chose to put her life on the line and serve her country.

And - incidentally - any woman who joins the military and stays IS exceptional to start with.  Having personally dealt with the crap women deal with in the military (twenty years) - hell - yes.  To be taken seriously, you DO have to be twice as good as a man and you can still get shit on!

A man or woman who have children are not exceptional.  Being actual parents who raise decent children - who do whatever is necessary to live up to their responsibilities are exceptional.

We are not talking about making everyone the same - eliminating the exceptional via labels and being politically correct.  The essence of most who want social justice is inclusion without fear - of discrimination or reprisal for wishing inclusion.  If you do the same job, you get the same pay - race or gender should have nothing to do with it.  Everyone should have the same access to the internet, rich and poor.  Just as everyone should get the same base line medical treatment.  If you want the fancy whistles and bells and private room and world class cuisine in the hospital, okay - you should pay that out of pocket.

Those who are exceptional are so because of what they DO.  If a black man does 'better' than a white man - then he's the one that's exceptional. Period.  That's it - the action and outcome are what count.  And don't go yelling about how that will eliminate services to special needs people because it makes them 'not' exceptional any more.  Special needs are just that - they have special needs (I'm not sure how the hell that pair managed to put that spin on things).

And anyone who believes the system is not rigged for the rich and white and male are naive at best and at worst all for it.


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I'm NSFW - EVER...
United States
I'd rather create my own life than envy someone else' fantasy.

I've written books I wouldn't publish because I'm selfish and they're mine.

I prefer people to static icons and avatars. But I'll treasure their artistic visions forever.


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